Jim Mulhall


Jim Mulhall brings four decades of experience in politics, governing and strategic communications. A veteran of the Army, the White House communications team, and winning campaigns, he focuses on getting the fundamentals right early to build strong media campaigns that maximize the candidate’s biography and set the terms of the race.

While at SKDKnickerbocker, Jim developed battleground state ads for both of President Obama’s winning presidential campaigns, as well as prior presidential campaigns.  He’s crafted ads for winning statewide, Congressional, state legislative, and local candidates and issue campaigns.  He’s managed successful U.S. House and Senate campaigns and served as Nevada’s Governor Bob Miller’s Chief of Staff.

Jim’s taken on tough races. He helped elect Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, the first Democrat to hold that position since the 1993. He helped Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney win in a tough district in upstate New York. Jim worked with first-time candidate Bill Foster to take former Republican Speaker Denny Hastert’s seat – a seat previously held by Republicans for generations. In 2006, Jim helped elect Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa., ousting incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick in one of the nation’s most contested House races to become the first Iraq War veteran elected to Congress.

Jim also provided strategy and advertising for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee’s successful independent expenditure effort to unseat the longest serving Republican in the Senate, Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. He helped devise strategy and $6 million in advertising for the DSCC in Virginia to help defeat incumbent Senator George Allen – handing Democrats control of the Senate.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Jim served as campaign manager for Sen. Chuck Robb, D-Va.; chief of staff to Gov. Bob Miller, D-Nev.; and campaign manager for the 1994 re-election campaign of Sen. Richard Bryan, D-Nev. As a former Senate communications director and chief of staff for a member of Congress, Jim has a rare depth and breadth of political experience that began with advance work. Jim was lead advance for Mondale for President in 1984 as well as the Carter/Mondale campaign and the Office of the President in 1980. Jim, an Army veteran, was assigned to the White House from 1976-1979.

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  • jim@braddockroadstrategies.com